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  • Why should I contribute to Galactiminer?


    By contributing financially to Galactiminer and/or Elaztek Studios, you are doing more than funding an ambitious project. You are funding a desire for positive change in the gaming industry as a whole.


    So many game development studios have either been crushed by big business, or have turned to trying to milk consumers for every dime they can get. Every now and again you see what looks like positive change, but it only ever happens after a mountain of outcry. It never happens because they want to do better, it's always because they have to.


    Elaztek Studios was founded sharply against these principles. We've even made them against company policy. We aren't a corporate juggernaut, we're not about big business, we're about turning the industry around. We don't squeeze profits out of players - and we never will. We care too much about our integrity to do that.


    Yeah, well, I think you're exaggerating a bit with all that - the industry seems fine to me


    Even if you don't share our drive to better the industry (or you simply disagree that there's a problem that needs fixing), there's still plenty of reason why you might want to try and help us out!


    We believe that Galactiminer will be a beautiful and exciting experience that will continue to be enjoyed for years to come. By contributing any amount of money - even just a few dollars - you put us that much closer to being able to hire developers and bring this game to life. Without funding, there's no guarantee that we can make this game as great as we want to - or even finish it at all.


    How can I contribute?


    If you're checking this out before September 30, 2018, you can help spread our Kickstarter campaign around and contributing to it yourself.


    Otherwise, if you want to help support us directly, you can always make a donation to us. Unlike the Kickstarter campaign, you can know for sure that 100% of the funds donated will reach us - and thus, the game's development.