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  • Galactiminer Evolved is no longer under active development.


    As of March 8, 2018, all active Galactiminer development was halted in favor of continuing work on the Blamite Game Engine. It was a rushed and poorly thought-out Kickstarter campaign made during a moment of misdirection.


    On behalf of Elaztek Studios, I - haloman30 - personally apologize for that mistake.


    What does this mean for the Galactiminer website?


    In the spirit of archival and preservation, this website will remain standing. New registrations have been disabled, and will remain disabled until when/if we decide to pursue Galactiminer in the future. Otherwise, this site will remain just as it is now.


    Will Galactiminer ever return?


    Eventually, yes. While we aren't up to the task quite yet, it's a vision we hope to someday be able to realize - in time. We need resources and a large, talented team before we can ever hope to achieve something of Galactiminer's caliber. We hope that, once we do reach that point, we'll be able to come back and dust off the project and bring it to life better than we could've ever hoped.


    What about that 'Blamite' thing?


    The Blamite Game Engine is the project we started before Galactimer Evolved, and have been continuing to work on since. It is a game engine designed to take some of the concepts and ideas of the Halo engine and utilize them to create a brand new, modern game engine.



    To explore our modern projects, check out our primary website below.


    Visit the Elaztek Studios Website Visit the Blamite Project Page